Local Numbers

No one trusts outsiders. Choose a local number from a huge stock of options in all the major U.S. markets. No matter where you do business, it will seem like you’re right next door instead of states away.


Instant Activation

It seriously takes one minute to sign up. Enter your name, business, and email address… no credit card required. Choose your number and that’s it—you’re live and ready to start tracking.


Real-Time Analytics

Get call data that’s straightforward and uncomplicated, updated in real-time. Our free call tracking features give you a treasure-trove of info on your customers, lead sources, and more. And you own every byte of it.


Local Number Porting

Don’t want to give up your existing number? We don’t blame you. You can keep your phone number when you switch from another provider. (for free of course)


Mobile UI

A simple, mobile experience tailored for users like Sales Managers, Regional Managers, and National Brand Managers to gain insight and take action at a location, in the field, or wherever they are.


basic call analytics

Know precisely how effective your digital marketing strategies are at making the phone ring.

  • Prove that your marketing strategies are working by connecting your media to calls 

  • Measure and improve marketing ROI by adjusting spend across campaigns and channels

  •  Redirect calls between locations to improve conversion rates 


Data Retention

Calls data is archived for months.


Pro Features


Call Recording

The customer is always right… right? Now, with call recording, you can know for sure.


reverse lookup

Enhance call tracking records with caller name, address, city, state, zip code and demographic data attributes. (to the extent available)


Caller Id

We have that.


Ultimate Features


Multichannel Analytics

Need more channel analysis? In addition to our support for inbound calls and SMS, we can track outbound calls. This will enable you to gain and act on conversation intelligence from multichannel communication.



Designed to enable your business to realize the potential of AI in real-time and at scale. Hundreds of AI signals can help you discover relevant insights for individual consumers that enable effective actions, including intent prediction, next best action, and both assisted intelligence and automated intelligence. Secure transcription and audio redaction functionality are available as well.



 Integrate call tracking services into existing workflows as well as new applications. A collection of API services and webhooks/postbacks that can provide access to data, events and services in our platform. In addition, we are constantly making new integrations with third party platforms to support additional use cases in marketing, sales and service.


Enterprise Reporting

Standard and custom call analytics reporting dashboards to measure performance.


Dynamic number INSERTION

Dynamic Number Insertion for channel and session-based tracking.


Conversation intelligence

Gain a better understanding for conversational content calls, call scoring via AI and ML models, call transcripts, keyword spotting, call tagging, even redirect calls between local stores and call centers. This will change your life.



A text-enabled call tracking service that can help you improve customer experiences, expand conversation tracking capabilities, and drive operational efficiencies. The turnkey solution also helps to reduce missed calls and lost opportunities. 



Listen and share conversations with your local sales team, automatically surface your ‘most interesting’ calls, and understand when key call events happen that indicate high-purchase-intent at the individual store-level.  Gain insight into the sales performance of an individual location with a more granular view into product KPIs.



Search and rescue mission for your sales. Get alerts in real-time when high-valued sales conversations end negatively and immediately follow-up and save the sale. Bring the sales back home safe and sound.


supported media channels

  • Phone

  • eMail

  • Chat

  • Forms

  • Print

  • Direct mail

  • Website

  • Web banners

  • Search leads

  • SEO leads

  • SMS



Call reports can be delivered via e-mail, FTP, SFTP, scopy, and S3.



Call transcriptions is a key AI-powered analytics capability.



Search transcripts and users can set keywords to highlight.


speech & text analytics

Score your calls and the AI can be trained for keyword spotting.


Sentiment analysis

Happy or unhappy customer.


intent analysis/prediction

A rule builder to define a “high intent“ outcome is available.


Call routing

IVR uses advanced call routing. Here are the supported methods :

• Routing by rule: time of day/business hour

• Routing by extension/IVR entry

• Sequential ringing, simultaneous ringing, round-robin hunt group, weighted hunt group, geographical routing, language preference, department, new vs. existing customer

• Routing by marketing source


voice announce

Announce notification is available.


Lead scoring

Calls can be scored as any of the currently modeled:

  • Lead

  • Non-Lead

  • Voicemail

  • Current customer

  • High intent

  • Lost opportunity

  • Sales rescue

  • Employment Inquiry



We offer IVR/IVA is available and it supports:

  • Voice prompt

  • Auto-attendant

  • touch-tone voice response

  • IVR recording

  • limited surveys with possible manual configuration


Lead matches

Match your leads from the original source, medium, campaign, search query, click identifier, and all session based URL parameters Google analytics and more.



Measure your calls, number of leads, ad, keyword search, tactics and conversation, and outcome. User data (demographics) is captured and can be shared in near real-time via webhook and third party integrations. Call/text conversations can be uploaded as conversations to SEM and display marketing platforms. Caller profile data that can be captured:

  • Caller name when configured with support

  • Phone number

  • Address when configured with support

  • IP address when configured with support

  • Geo Location

  • Day, time and duration

  • Device and browser when configured with support


sales analytics


  • Cost per call (only in case of Pay Per Call)

  • Billable revenue. Providing you the ability to derive data from call logs.

  • ROI tracking and Conversation rates by channel

  • Revenue can be assigned to individual calls and channels.

  • Revenue can be determined from revenue-tagged calls in logs.


outbound capabilities

Voice and digital outbound channels are supported. Manual dialing mode is supported with click to call, automated broadcast messages, and surveys.


Lead management

Lead management can be integrated via Salesforce. Use custom scorecards that evaluate the call, caller, and conversation lead source. Leads are scored based on 4 factors: Lead source, call attribute, keyword spotting, and conversation analytics. Real-time alerts are also available via Webhooks, e-mail, and SMS. Agents can also receive information about caller demographics and website browsing history. Call status is recorded (answered, unanswered) and reported. Google and Adobe Analytics can be used for leads that span multiple channels.


spam blocking

Users can custom create white-lists and IVR can require callers to navigate to a set of IVR options before talking to a human operator. Fraud protection technology protects against known sources of spam and robocalls.



Integrate directly within external systems and applications via API. Call details can be appended to online sessions and can be configured to be automatically sent to your marketing, bid management and CRM platforms. Available integrations are:

  • Facebook

  • Google Ads

  • Google Display, Video 360, and Search 360

  • Bing Ads

  • Kenshoo

  • Acquisio

  • Matchcraft

  • Marin

  • Hubspot

  • Salesforce

  • Google & Adobe Analytics

  • Placelinks

  • Taplclicks