Q: Is it really free? Or is this a free trial?

A: Our Free plan is free. As in, FREE free. Free multiplied by infinity. You can use up to 10 free numbers.

Q: How many call tracking numbers can I activate?

A: As many as you want. There’s no limit and no charge to activate more than one number.


Q: Do I have to buy any equipment or hardware for the call tracking system to work?

A: Nope. We forward all calls directly to the business number you provided during activation. No other equipment needed, although we do recommend a desktop aquarium for general entertainment purposes.

Q: Can I get rEports and check metrics in the system?

A: Yes. You can download reports from the system anytime. The data is recorded in real-time, so it’s always current.


Q: What does my customer hear when they call my tracking number?

A: Customers hear a phone ringing, as normal. If you signed up for call recording with the Pro or Ultimate plan, the caller will also hear a message letting them know the call is being recorded for quality assurance. We tried to get James Earl Jones to record the message, but he was busy.

Q: Can I direct customer calls to a mobile number?

A: Yep, of course. Any phone number works. (Just check your mobile carrier rates to make sure you won’t get dinged there.)


Q: Can I change the phone number of where I direct customers?

A: Any time, any day. As soon as you click “save” it’s done.

Q: How will I know when I get a call from one of my tracking numbers?

A: When you pick up your phone, you’ll hear a notification that a call-tracking number is on the line. Your customer will then be patched in and won’t have heard a thing, aside from your sweet voice.


Q: How is my plan billed?

A: Free plans are free, so no bills for you! Any minute overages are billed following the cycle. The Pro plan is billed in advance.

Q: Are there any long-term commitments?

A: No way—this isn’t eHarmony. We take it month to month, and you can cancel anytime you feel like this is moving too fast.


Q: How long have you been in business?

A: A long time and we’re not going anywhere. We actually make money, which is good for us and our customers. Small and medium-sized businesses have always been our favorites but some of our customers are members of the global industrial complex.



A: No. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not require investment to keep the doors open.